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-- 18 --
Name:     Tom Miners
Country: Southafrica 2004-1-1  07:07 AM
Thank you for this amazing trip around the world! It is really fascinating to experience all the things trough your eyes which remember me sometimes on my travelling advantures.

-- 17 --
Name:     Doris Nerding  Home
Country: USA - German descent (meine Eltern sind von Koln) 2003-9-13  12:01 PM

I just wanted to compliment you on your web page - very nice photographs!

Keep up the good work.

-- 16 --
Name:     Petra  Mail  Home
Country: Deutschland 2003-7-29  09:18 AM

-- 15 --
Name:     ~*~ Angel Smile ~*~  Home
Country: Russia / Mexico 2003-6-23  04:59 AM
I have stumbled across your wonderful site and would like to invite you to join my webring *Around the world in 80 days*.
Your site will be an outstanding addition!
All the best,
Russia *** Mexico

-- 14 --
Name:     Phil Wiederholt  Mail
Country: USA 2003-6-1  07:11 AM
" Ursula & Andreas,
The two of you are certainly great world travelers and great photographers. Your experiences are a great experience for those of us who have not traveled so extensively. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences.
Your friends, Phil & Kay"

-- 13 --
Name:     Harry Tsindos  Mail  Home
Country: Cyprus 2003-3-1  11:42 AM
One of the best sites I've seen for information. Keep up the good work (and travelling)

-- 12 --
Name:     Sian Ellis  Mail
Country: UK 2003-2-12  01:52 AM
What a truly wonderful site! I have only just begun to explore it. Thank you both so much for all the loving attention to detail and the great respect for other cultures which comes through your work. Where are you going next?

-- 11 --
Name:     gautam  Mail
Country: india 2003-2-8  06:44 AM
you have done an excellent job in describing india in a true disinterested way.the website is really an indian student doing my masters degree in europe. surely in the near future ill visit your country germany

-- 10 --
Name:     venkat reddi  Mail
Country: india 2003-1-13  02:25 AM
really its wonderful to see these sites and hope u will come with more information abt other cities also like hyderabad,calcutta,etc.thanks for those who creted these cites and wish india all the best and hope this will help idian tourism much better.

-- 9 --
Name:     madhusree dasgupta  Mail
Country: india 2003-1-9  06:48 AM
this is one of the best sites I've come across while trying to gather information for my history project.i needed loads of pictures and i got some very beautiful ones here.
the site is very entertaining and visually attractive and informative at the same time.
do keep up the good work!!!

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