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-- 74 --
Name:     BDMRukETMehmyQuUe  Mail  Home SomDOEqvHSN
Country: gcTmLomrQkns 2013-1-3  09:57 PM
Why do I bother clailng up people when I can just read this!

-- 72 --
Name:     Rosa  Mail  Home
Country: Guatemala 2011-4-8  00:16 AM
America has many beautiful countries with wonderful people and cultures, I would love to see more of that included in your page. Other than that, I think you are doing a great job here. Tanks for sharing all of these.
Comment from Ursula:
Hi Rosa, thank you for your kind comment and appreciation. On our website we show only places we visited ourselves. Unfortunately have not been to South and Middle America yet... However - there are 10 pages about north America (USA) with more than 60 pictures

-- 71 --
Name:     juliana keefe  Mail
Country: New Zealand 2010-6-17  09:56 AM
Kia Ora (greetings in Maori)
2000 several cousins and I went on a Hikoi Maumahara- Journey of Remembrance throughout Italy, visiting areas where our fathers, uncle's, brother's and grandfathers of the 28th Maori Battalion fought and cemeteries where ttheir cousins are buried.

I was trying to identify several of my photos I had taken in Florence and I came across your web site and YES it has helped and I want to thank you.
2002 and 2004., we visited these countries where they also fought. Cairo, Crete, Athens, Libya, Tunisia, France, Belgium, England.
I cant wait to get to the 2002 and 2004 albums and look up your web site to help me.
Once's again thank you for sharing..


-- 70 --
Name:     Patric  Mail
Country: Ireland 2010-4-2  10:46 PM
Hi, being a passionate traveller myself I find your site very interesting, inspiring and useful. Also the pictures are great! However, missed my homeland Hope, you'll visit Ireland some day - it is in any case worth a trip!!!!!
Wish you many more nice trips and all the best,

-- 69 --
Name:     EREWA MENE  Mail  Home
Country: NIGERIA 2008-11-19  11:55 AM
I must commend the team for this great job providing the world with highly educative reports.
I am working tirelessly at the moment with my team geared towards the maiden edition of my youth magazine Emperor, which is scheduled to hit major news stands of the world in few days.
It has a column for travel news, I went via this site and fell in love with the report, you covered for the country Egypt.
I do love to cull the report for publication on my magazine.
I am requesting for permission to reprint the article on my magazine.
Once again on behalf of my team I do appreciate the job you do.
Looking forward to hear from you.

-- 68 --
Name:     Brian Whelan  Mail  Home
Country: Ireland 2008-11-12  03:27 PM

Great fun site. I could stay on it for hours.
Here's one of mine from Dublin / Ireland.
Hidden Dublin dot com
Let me know if you would like me to send more.

-- 67 --
Name:     Nikki
Country: N.ireland 2008-8-8  10:17 AM
Hello ,just want to say your words and pictures hav inspired me to tour the historic culture of bulgaria , i wil be arriving on the 16th august for 2 weeks , i hope to have a great time
Comment from Ursula:
I am happy, that our site gave you so inspiring impressions and wish you wonderful vacation with many unforgettable beautiful experiences!

-- 66 --
Name:     bigfootr  Home
Country: USA 2008-3-22  08:26 AM
This is one of the best websites I have ever seen!

-- 65 --
Name:     Uschi  Mail
Country: Deutschland 2008-2-3  06:37 PM

-- 64 --
Name:     prabhu  Mail
Country: india 2007-12-17  07:44 PM
very good very good

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