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-- 49 --
Name:     Mr. Amin  Home
Country: United Kingdom 2006-11-19  10:58 AM
nice and interesting website i like it best wishes from Microglobe
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-- 48 --
Name:     Stefanie  Home
Country: Germany 2006-5-30  11:02 AM
your site has phantastic informations and pictures. I am a member of a travel community and we added a link to your Leipzig part of your homepage to our site. If you like please look here:
Best regards Stefanie
Comment from Ursula:
thank you very much for your appreciating words and the link! Best wishes to you.

-- 47 --
Name:     Rudine  Mail
Country: Netherlands 2006-5-20  04:26 PM

You have a wonderful site, with nice information. I would like to quote you in my preparatory report for India, but I can't find your name anywhere.

Grtz Rudine

-- 46 --
Name:     Wolfgang Leonhardt  Mail  Home
Country: Deutschland 2006-5-8  09:51 AM

-- 45 --
Name:     tabitha  Mail  Home indiana
Country: u.s.a 2006-4-25  07:44 PM
Hi my name is tabitha and i love to barrel race and pole bend with my horse cowgirl. last year we won high point in contesting at the fair, and we're hoping to again.

-- 44 --
Name:     Kay  Mail  Home 78454211
Country: Germany 2006-3-19  02:17 PM

-- 43 --
Name:     meeee  Mail
Country: home 2006-3-2  07:35 PM
omg wooooooh!!! ur webby iz soooo cool wif its grrovy tunes man!!!!! luv it keep up da spiffing grooves ya mwa xxxx

-- 42 --
Name:     Globetrotter-JR  Mail  Home
Country: weltreisend 2006-1-10  10:26 PM

-- 41 --
Name:     Maria  Mail
Country: USA 2005-12-18  08:44 AM
I love your website. It's so cute and it's perfect for making my desktop background into a anything I want and I don't have to look it up. I also love the music background; keeps you excited!!!!!

-- 40 --
Name:     WANNSA  Mail  Home
Country: Japan 2005-12-15  01:41 PM
Hello from Japan.
Your site is very wonderful.

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