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-- 39 --
Name:     Cathy  Mail
Country: Singapore 2005-12-1  04:07 AM
Hi Ursula,

You have created an excellent website which is a great place to search for wonderful and superb travel ideas and adventures worldwide. I will surely rate your site ten out of ten. Wishing you all the very best in all your travel and have a great vacation !!

Cheers always from the team at

-- 38 --
Name:     magnus  Mail
Country: norway 2005-7-27  10:55 PM
hello.. what a beautiful land, i like the webmaster :P so pleas contact me on my e-mail snakes people love ya

-- 36 --
Name:     Franz  Mail  Home
Country: Austria 2005-6-30  06:22 PM
Hi Congratulation this Website.All the best from Austria.

-- 35 --
Name:     Janine  Mail
Country: France 2005-6-21  03:55 PM

ejoyed our site - great pictures and interesting facts. Wish you many more exciting trips! When will you go to France?

-- 34 --
Name:     Yvonne  Mail  Home
Country: Netherlands 2005-3-28  09:48 PM
Hi, you've made some wonderful travels already! Great photos from Egypt, very beautiful. You've also been on the same spots as us in Croatia I wish you many more nice trips abroad...
best regards, Yvonne

-- 33 --
Name:     John  Mail  Home
Country: Kenya 2005-2-16  10:22 PM
very good site but you have left out parts of africa like Kenya,Tanzania and south africa which are some of the best touristic site.

-- 32 --
Name:     Erik Nehring  Mail  Home
 2005-2-12  08:27 PM

-- 31 --
Name:     Raymond  Home
Country: Netherlands 2005-2-12  04:16 PM
Thx for visiting my site. you have a very nice site and fine pictures.
I liked it a lot!
Kind regards and suc6 with your nice site.

-- 30 --
Name:     Raymond  Home
Country: Netherlands 2005-2-11  12:35 PM
very nice site with nice pictures. germany is beautiful been there last year also some pics on my photosite.
good luck with your site,
Comment from Ursula:
thank you for your kind entry! I too enjoyed your site - excellent pictures!

-- 29 --
Name:     Marion  Mail  Home
Country: NRW/Deutschland 2004-11-12  05:36 PM

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